4 thoughts on “Parsons Sweet Factory, West Row, Stockton

  1. I worked there in the late fifties and my father was there in the early fifties. I also worked for Roy Parsons at the weekend at his nursery near Aisleby I think.


  2. My partner, Lindsay Galley, remembers Parsons Sweet Factory. Roy Parsons, the owner, was her Grandfather. Lindsay can remember visiting the factory when she was very young. Roy Parsons was awarded the Military Cross during WWII and is buried in the churchyard at Lealholm in the North York Moors.


    • A member of the Parsons family still lives in the Norton area. He has told me of his relation originally selling sweets on foot, walking the N.York moors, village to village.The family rented a place in Lealholm for the summer months, so that would agree with the burial in the churchyard there.


  3. I don’t remember Parsons but remember another little sweet-maker in Wharf Street where I lived. On the odd numbers side there was a narrow passage leading there and I have memories of getting bags of broken fish shaped boiled sweets… were they free? Can’t recall now!!


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