Accounts Computer, Dickens at Portrack c1975

This is the accounts computer I helped to install at Dickens on Portrack Lane in 1975. It was the first in that generation of computers and had 24K of memory which allowed us to do the company’s accounts and payroll.

Photograph and details courtesy of Philip Moore.

12 thoughts on “Accounts Computer, Dickens at Portrack c1975

    • The Lady in the photo is Margaret Davies, and My wife June Dicken (maiden name Quincey).

      Yes Mrs Grace did work at Dicken’s and was one of earliest members of staff, she was employed by my father Robert Dicken, to work in the office in our Shop in Mandale Road, Thornaby.
      She eventually started working in the shop helping out, then moved to our Norton Road Shop in Stockton, helping my uncle Terence Dicken, I also worked with Mrs Grace when I first started working in the Norton Road shop, then as the Norton Road shop closed, Mrs Grace moved down to Portrack Lane store on the Shop Floor until the she retired.
      She was presented with a Gold Watch for her long service to company from my Dad, Terence & Albert.


      • Hello Michael
        Hope you are well, good to hear from you. I did 17 years at Dickens, courtesy of Alan Watson, and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Working with Peter Frankland and Ray ‘Yoga’ Dawson was an education in itself, but they were great times for me. Hope June and the family are well. Please give my regards to Albert if you see him.


    • The lady looking at the camera is indeed Margaret Davies. The lady with her back to the camera is June, who later married Michael Dicken.


    • Can any one remember Sir Clive Sinclair’s C5 being brought to Dickens car park for demonstration, this would be mid 80s? Both my young son’s drove the C5 on the car park that day, just wondered if any photos were taken on that day, or does any one remember the date that the event happened.
      All the best.


      • Hi Derek
        I remember it well, I’m pretty sure that there was actually 2 of them as we stored them in the warehouse. Sorry, I don’t have any photos, but I do recall that they were popular with kids. It must have been the summer as I remember it was quite warm.


        • Hi Steve, both my young son’s Mark & Darren Casey drove the c5 around the car park that day, can you remember the year at all? I cant remember if local newspaper was there at the time, I never ever wanted to learn to drive (thank god) but both son’s joined forces and started driving straight away, maybe that c5 car give them the bug to go on and drive. I do remember thinking the c5 will never catch on! Time has proven me right, can’t remember if c5 was battery or petrol, if battery then ahead for its time? Thanks Steve for reply.
          All the very best.


          • Hi Derek
            I’m thinking it was around 86/87, as it wasn’t produced until 1985. It was definitely battery driven, and to be honest, it wasn’t the safest of things to drive/ride.


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