Head Wrightson TNPG ‘Dungeness’

Heat exchangers built at Head Wrightson, Thornaby for Dungeness Power Station. The heat exchangers were wrapped in timbers and trunnions added before being launched into the Tees. They were towed down to Dungeness and then rolled up the shingle beach before being installed in the power station.

Photograph and details courtesy of Tony Campbell.

15 thoughts on “Head Wrightson TNPG ‘Dungeness’

        • Head Wrightsons in the middle sixties had 6,500 employees, but a lot of people at the Thornaby works knew Tommy Dover a very pleasant man.


          • Thank you for your lovely comments about my dad. My dad knew Alf Waton. I went to Robert Atkinson school with Joyce Waton. Regards Sandra Dover


        • I was with HW from 1962 – 71 and from 1968 – 71 I was the Senior Welding Engineer in Teesdale working with John Walburn, Dave Littlewood and Charlie Tighe in the Bridge Yard offices.

          My life was made much easier by your father and the other charge hands and foremen (Mick McCue, Tony Hewson, Alf Littlewood, Alf Waton etc.) with their 35 year plus experience being so cooperative and helpful with someone with my limited experience at the time. It was a great place to work and that experience has stayed with me.

          One of my first jobs in 1962 was to work with the Ultrasonic Technicians testing the nozzles on the Bradwell boilers – so time flies when looking at the old photographs of them.


          • Alan Marshall. I was friends with Dave Littlewood right up to his death and attended his funeral. He was a Template Maker right to the end. He made templates for the baking paper used in the tins when his wife baked the Christmas cakes.


            • Dave was a really great bloke to work with and a man with a massive amount of experience which he was prepared to share.

              From time to time we would go to the HW Bowling green at lunchtime and pick up a Chinese takeaway on the way. I could never beat him though!

              It was a very interesting time work wise as well with Bradwell and Hunterston projects, Somisa Blast Furnace, Invergordon Smelter and Cast Jointing of Busbars, Liverpool Seaforth Dock Gates – guard gate and stop logs, Support Steelwork for GEC Turbines etc.

              I have lived in Australia since late 1971 and people here still do not believe me when I relate what Heads built just in the time I was there.


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