Thornaby District Burns Pipe Band

From what I know most are from the McGarrity family who lived in Thornaby. The boy 3rd from the left (in uniform next to the drum) is my Grandfather Peter. I believe the man in the centre with the big drum is his father and 3rd from the end is his uncle, Jimmy. I don’t know where it was taken but it must have been around 1918 as he was born in 1908 and looks about 10. If anyone can identify any of the others in the picture it would be much appreciated.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Moore

3 thoughts on “Thornaby District Burns Pipe Band

  1. Malcolm Ennion on January 23, 2004 at 12:00 am said:
    The gentleman with the bass drum is Robert Gardiner, my maternal Grandfather. The band used to march in various events including the annual Durham Miners” Gala. Band practice took place on the first floor of a property in New Street, Thornaby – opposite the junction with North Street. Robert had served with the Northumberland Fusiliers in India and South Africa before being part of the Expeditionary force in 1914 for which he was awarded the Mons Star. He was also an elected member of Thornaby Borough Council.

    The boy third from the left with the drum is Terence McGarrity son of Thomas McGarrity, who was my Gr Grandfather and lived in Elizabeth Street in Thornaby for most of his adult life. He was the son of Peter McGarrity who came to Thornaby around about 1870 from Ireland; (no doubt the reason the name comes through the family.)

    Thomas is the third from the right with the bagpipes. His sons Jimmy and Peter all played in Thornaby Pipe Band too along with Terence another son.

    Thomas, John and many other McGarrity’s in the family were very musical. Thomas was a blacksmith by trade, so he made all the elaborate buckles and brooches you can see in the picture.

    A few years ago a lady called Jane Toulson contacted me to let me know that she was now the owner of my Gr Uncle Jimmy’s bagpipes and she came to the school I teach in and not only played them but explained the history of how her family had come by the pipes. I have no idea what happened to Thomas’s bagpipes, I’ll ask my mum Margaret his grandaughter if she has any idea.

    Hope this helps.


    • Thanks for your comments. My mum is Peter McGarritys daughter, sadly she has Dementia so not so lucid these days. Peter had 4 children with Olive Johnston, Peter, Jean, Donald & Olive (twins). Peter & Donald are both dead.


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