3 thoughts on “Electric trams on Norton High Street. c1910

  1. Good to see you’re still adding your memories to Picture Stockton, Mr. Mee. The trees quite young here. We used to throw sticks up at those trees in autumn on our way home from Norton (Board) High Street Junior School, for conkers!


  2. Memories, A view from standing at the front of a bus watching them take up the tramlines, I still had not gone to school, then the walk to the Norton Board School waiting at the Green for the girls and boys from Calfalla Lane and Station Road to walk down the High Street with us until we left for the High Schools or not. Many passed the eleven plus but in those hard times if your parents could not afford the uniforms and books then you could not go, So many clever children left school from around 12 like my Friend Noel Kiddle, he worked for the Co-op Stables with all the milk cart and coal cart horses.
    We lucky ones got the school buses to town from Norton Green and back at night to us it was all so normal.
    Into town each day when I started work, bus to the Town Hall then a short walk into Prince Regent Street until I joined the Army at 18.
    The Desert and fifteen months not seeing a drop of rain although I was in Cairo when a freak storm dropped a layer of snow, the local people went berserk rolling and dancing in it throwing it in the air, it did not last long but we and the locals would remember it.
    I had pictures from home and we would get them out as we relaxed beside the tanks, the City and Town dwellers would say, “You live there? you lucky so and so” I began to realise what I took for normal was Eden to others. We do not choose where we are born but I always think I hit the jack pot.


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