Junker Airplane at Teesside Airport c1980s

These three photos were taken at Teesside Airport in the early 1980s (approx 1983), I was going up on an aerial photo shoot and spotted this parked on the helipad, unfortunately I was using slide film and didn’t have enough frames to take any more, I believe the plane is a Junkers JU 52, obviously of German origin, quite what it was doing there I don’t have an idea, there may have been an airshow in the offing.

The plane has a corrugated body and three engines and was stood in the front of the hanger where the flying club stored their planes, we were pushing a little two seater airplane out of the hanger when I spotted the Junkers and I just had to take some photos.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

4 thoughts on “Junker Airplane at Teesside Airport c1980s

  1. I can recall a report, in the Evening Gazette I think, of a German aircraft landing at Tthornaby during the War. It was at night when the landing lights were on and it followed in some R.A.F aircraft. I am 85 now so this is my total recollection.


  2. Not quite a true Junkers Ju52 but a post-war Spanish built CASA 352L. I knew that I had seen this aircraft before but could not pin it down to a date but thanks to Richard Bowater of Oxbridge and copies of the former local aircraft ‘spotters’ magazine the Teesside Aviation News I can confirm the year as being 1984. Not bad Bruce, only one year out after nigh on 35 years after the event!
    The ‘Ju52’ was flying from Dyce Airport at Aberdeen south to it’s base at Rochester in Kent when it diverted into Teesside Airport with engine trouble on the 18 September 1984, landing at a recorded time of 12:26. After two hours on the ground and a running repair it took off again but quickly returned when the engine failed again and went on to spend another two months stranded at Teesside waiting for a new engine.
    Ground runs of a new engine took place in October and the aircraft finally fled Teesside on the 20 November 1984 with a recorded departure time of 12:40. One of several ‘Ju52’s’ owned by the same company the collection was sold the following year and this particular aircraft is now on display in Germany. Best I can do!


  3. Bruce – You are correct in your identification it is a Junkers JU52. A little research indicates it is a Junkers JU53/3m variant, originally powered by three 410 kW (550 hp) Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp engines. First flight: 7 March 1932. The plane in the photo is carrying the identification 1Z+EK of 2/KGzbV 1 (2 Staffel [Squadron] 1st Special Duties Battle Group). A WW2 photograph of the plane can be found at: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/aircrafts-2/junkers_ju_52/junkers-ju-52-1zek-2/


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