Moving of the Endeavour, April 2018

The Endeavour moved from its current berth on the River Tees at Stockton to the Tees Barrage. This initial half-mile journey marked the first leg of the vessel’s voyage to Whitby. A massive crane positioned on Navigation Way at the Barrage hoisted the vessel to clear the top of the lock at the Tees Barrage. The lift was needed as the channel narrows at the lock gates to a width of six metres and the Endeavour’s hull is nine metres wide. From there, the Endeavour will be towed downstream to A&P Tees where it will be dry-docked and undergo a six-week refit and refurbishment including repairs to make it seaworthy. The final part of the journey to Whitby will commence and the Endeavour will be transformed into a visitor attraction scheduled to re-open later this year.

Photographs courtesy of Sylvia Coe.

5 thoughts on “Moving of the Endeavour, April 2018

  1. When you say the vessel will be made seaworthy, does this mean that it will actually sail, or will it be permanently tethered to a dock somewhere? Personally, I would love to see it under sail on the open sea, but to do that could be a trifle too expensive. I wonder where the money to fund this is coming from, can anyone advise please. As an expat Stocktonian living in Coventry, local news concerning Stockton is rather scarce down this neck of the woods. Whoever thought this up needs a pat on the back in congratulations. Could someone also tell me what happened to H.M.S.Kellington, I remember reading or hearing that it was in some difficulties but that was sometime ago and I have heard nothing since. Over to you. chaps.


    • H.M.S. Kellington was scrapped in 2009. The admiralty wanted to take it back to scrap it as it had become unsafe, but it couldn’t be removed from it’s location as the Tees Barrage was in it’s way, hence it was scrapped at it’s mooring.
      The Endeavour is being made sufficiently seaworthy to take it to Whitby where it will be come a permanent attraction.


    • Ian, H.M.S. kelvington was broken up and scrapped by a local firm after it was found it was in very poor condition and liable to sink at any time so it left the area on the back of a waggon in bits. Endeavour has been stripped down to lift it over the Lock and will need refitting and ballasting so she can be towed to Whitby.
      It is a private buy and there are different theories as to what she will be used for, all a bit up in the air as she was over the lock gate, if you keep looking on this excellent Board all will be revealed I would think. Nosy lot us Stockton crowd, we always get to know somehow.


    • Ian, a business man in Whitby is funding the costs of moving Bark Endeavour from Stockton. He intends to have it berthed in Whitby as a tourist attraction.
      Like yourself I’m also ex Stockton now living in Lincolnshire, having moved away in 1963. I was always puzzled as to why the vessel was in Stockton in the first place given that to my knowledge James Cook had no connection with the town.
      He did have connections with Whitby hence the reason for taking the ship back there.


      • Captain James Cook had a connection to Stockton through his wife who was born in Thornaby, so I imagine he would have visited Stockton on many occasions in his youth. while courting his wife. He was born in Marton and lived his school years in Great Ayton I believe. Maybe Cliff Thornton could give us some more information on this subject


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