Freight Diesels at Thornaby Station c1985

Here are two Class 37 diesel pulling what seem to be heavy gauge trucks that might carry iron ore, limestone or steel scrap, presumably on the way back from the Middlesbrough steelworks. Where were they headed, I wonder?

The sheds of the Malleable steelworks, across the river, can be seen in the far distance. When I commuted to Grangetown in the early sixties, this view was blocked by the mountain of blast furnace slag that was dumped alongside the river.

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

1 thought on “Freight Diesels at Thornaby Station c1985

  1. The locos are class 37/4s both equipped with electric train heating equipment so were both normally allocated to passenger trains. The leading one is in intercity livery whilst the second has a scotty dog on the side showing that it was or had been allocated to Inverness depot. The wagons look like 4-wheel scrap carrying wagons and since they are heading west are possibly empty.


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