4 thoughts on “Kiora Bungalow, Junction Road

  1. I think the bungalow was owned by Miss Bates who used to wander round in jodhpurs I recall. It was certainly no good for a hide and seek bolthole as the dogs barked their heads off if you went near! Didn’t the Carr family who used to live in Radyr move into the one opposite?


  2. As a young kid living just around the corner from this bungalow in the late 1950’s we always referred to it as ‘the Kennels’ – the owner was a lady who lived on her own & had a number of animals. There was/are a further two bungalows close by, a semi detached one on the same side as the Kennels & another bungalow over the road which I believe originally was a military building associated with the adjacent Army camp on Junction Road, the bungalow was at the top of the road we called the Mag which led to the Army camp second gate house & underground weapons storage magazine – the main camp gate house was on Junction Road..


  3. What a shame if that building is to go. I seem to remember in the early 1950s, before Roseworth was in existence, we used to take our cat there to be boarded whilst on holiday, to me as a very young girl, it always seemed miles away from Junction Road, where the houses then stopped.


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