Unknown c1957

My grandmother Mary Ann Brown (circled) lived in Tilery Road. I’m not sure where this photograph was taken possibly a school judging by the gym apparatus in the background or what the function was. Can anyone help? Taken c1957.

Photograph and details courtesy of Valerie Walker:

5 thoughts on “Unknown c1957

  1. I, too, noted the ladies all wore outerwear; perhaps this was the formality of the day rather than observance of a chilly day?


  2. It may have been a function of the Catholic Women’s League or some such women’s group. Wherever it was held must have been cold: they are all wearing their coats and hats!


  3. The lady on the back row near the radiator with glasses and a large broach is my Nana Mary Jefferson. She lived at 12 Douglas Street with my Grandpop John (Jack) Jefferson. They left Stockton in 1962 to move to Ugthorpe near Whitby.


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