Station at Belasis Lane

This is the old station at Belasis Lane which was for the use of ICI employees. It was situated behind the ICI engineering school. In the background you can see Charltons pond, the trees around the pond are now 30 or 40 feet high.

Photograph and details courtesy of Gordon Armes.

5 thoughts on “Station at Belasis Lane

      • Hi Gordon

        My Dad was at ICI Engineering College round 1967 and played football next door. So probably on these fields? I am wondering if you know how I can get hold of a photo taken at the college when the Duke of Edinburgh came to visit as my Dad would be in it? Thanks


  1. This was part of the diversions that took place when they put the new bridge in near Fussick bridge at Norton I believe in 1965. I do have the date of this photo I will look it up. The driver would have pulled his train past the branch points at Haverton Station a relieving engine that was in the sidings there went on top then pulled the train forward to Haverton South then through the Billingham Beck Branch exiting at North Shore then forward on its journey.


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