5 thoughts on “Harkers Engineering c1980s

  1. I worked at Hugills Forge on Church Road which was just past the roundabout before the bridge. In 1967/68 did Harkers take it over or where they further down near Gratrix? Then there was a right hand bend onto Portrack Lane and going towards Portrack British Steel pipe Division was on the right where I believe Asda was built. I miss those early Days
    Dave Jones


    • Hi Peter, nice to hear from you. Do you still have any other photographs of Harkers Engineering from around that time? I’m asking because I’m trying to find the photographs that once were on display at the arrivals gate at the then, Teesside Airport. When I worked at Harkers I once saw them in an old office and I should have resuced them then but I had to leave on health grounds and never went back. My father who worked for the firm for forty two years was on a few of those photos and when returning from holiday would always look proudly across at the display.

      Mike B


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