Boundary Marker

Recent pictures of an old boundary marker for Stockton-on-Tees/Stockton Rural District Councils. The text on the faces reads: “Stockton on Tees”, “Stockton R.D.C.”, and around the curved top “County of Durham”. This one is located on Bishopton Road West in front of No. 239. It looks to be slightly buried as there is another near 200, Darlington Lane that seems a bit taller.

This map reportedly shows the 1964 boundaries of SoT (yellow) & SRD (green) councils, with the approx. position of this marker pointed out by the arrow.

Are there any others hiding out there?

Images and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

4 thoughts on “Boundary Marker

  1. A milestone has gone missing/disposed of from Bishopton Road West. It was outside the last property on the left before you get to Surbiton Road, a bungalow, the owner of the property has had a new wall built (the milestone was against the fence which was taken down). Does anyone know if the council keep a record of Milestones and the information they show?


    • That’s a shame, but can’t say it should get in the way of somebody improving their property. As it belongs to the council, lets hope it at least got offered to Stockton’s museum service?


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