The new Hub on Stockton High Street, 13 July 2018

Presently situated in Bridge Road The Hub is the UK’s first active travel and cycle parking centre which offers free information and advice on all aspects of cycling and walking, with regular guided rides and walks, and training courses on cycle maintenance and on road cycling. It also has free cycling parking facilities with no hourly limits and is part-funded by Stockton Borough Council and Sustrans the charity. On a recent visit into Stockton High Street I noticed that building work has started on a new Hub which is on the same block as The Globe and which was previously, I’m pretty sure, used by SBC as an enterprise centre for business start-up’s before they moved to a new building near the town hall?
The old shop frontage has been removed revealing some internal brick and iron work with unsurprisingly the words ‘Dorman Long’ easily seen. The first floor windows look quite ornate as do their sills and shutters and it would be nice to see them renovated and kept in situ rather than be replaced by PVC ones and I often find that you see the best parts of Stockton High Street when you look up rather than down! The new Hub is due to open in November.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

10 thoughts on “The new Hub on Stockton High Street, 13 July 2018

  1. Was JJ Jones, ladies’ fashions… Must have been expensive, as MaMar never mentioned it… Now Burrnards, often…. & Books!


  2. Good to see a bike initiative happening and agree that it would be great to see it renovated to its original outlook. Good to know that Stockton is promoting sustainable transport and health. When I was young in the 60s the majority of people walked or biked everywhere. My dad would walk into Stockton every Saturday to shop at the market from the Roseworth end of Norton.


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