Richard Hind 1965, 2018

The last single sex intake, also the last year when children could leave school at 15, 1969. We managed to get together again this year following our 2016 meeting with more numbers than last time. Who knows maybe we can get even more next time!

Back row; Dave “Sid” Foundling, Roger Thompson, Ian Reeve, Nigel Clegg, Dave “mini” Cooper, Brian Maddigan, George Thomson, Barry Moss, Keith Leonard, Keith Wild, Colin Mitchell, Norman Hill
Front row; Catherine Bell, Jean Ungurs, Liz Hindmarsh, Christine Fawdon, Valerie Goynes.

Graham “swag” Swales and Derek “Decca” Ferguson managed to miss the photo!
Friends no longer with us were also remembered, Dilys Heimer, Steve Bromfield, Alexander “dabsy” Westwood, Michael Douglas and David Napoleon.

The highs and the lows were well remembered.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

9 thoughts on “Richard Hind 1965, 2018

  1. Hi all.
    Nice to see some old friends from Richard Hind.
    I was shocked and very saddened to hear about Dave Napolean, Steve Bromfield, Micky Douglas and Dabsy They were all great lads.
    I will try to come up there if there’s another reunion. It was also sad to hear that the school was demolished. What memories! I remember my first week at RH. I started in form 3B and for my first PE lesson (boxing) Sprig welcomed me to the school by pairing me with Eddie Watson! I also got whacked with a slipper for being the last one to get changed! Happy days!
    My favourite teachers were: Mr Woodward (SNUDGE) who was responsible for promoting me into 3A.. Mr Sanderson (SANDY) who encouraged my art. and, probably everyone’s favourite, ‘BILL’ Benzies who literally pushed me through History and Economics without me having to revise! Considering the facilities, all the teachers did a great job. Although we probably didn’t think it at the time, we were very lucky to have them.
    Again, nice to see you all and I hope to meet up at a future reunion. I’ll see if I can squeeze into my old school uniform!….


    • Hi
      I left RH in 1966 and bought a house in Oxford Road, Middlesbrough in 1983 and lived next door to Mr Sanderson. I didn’t know him from school but found him to be a very pleasant gentleman living on his own. He sadly passed away in the late nineties as I remember. I also saw Mr Woodward often as he lived further down the road.
      Just a bit of info for you.
      Regards John.


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