Country Dancing Team at Redbrook Primary School c1963

This photograph was taken at Redbrook Primary School c1963 and shows the country dancing team who won their class at a competition in Darlington.

Back row: Stephen ?, Maureen ?, Brian Winter, Susan Oliphant, Malcolm ?.
Middle row: Ann ?, ??, Alice McConnell, ??, Christine Lavrick, Alan Briggs, Denise Ward, David Lofthouse.
Front row: Hazel ?, Alan Ward, Linda ?, ??, me (Susan Rawe), Kenneth Jones, Dorothy ?, Anthony ? Barbara ?, David Ward, Barbara Swales. (Denise, Alan and David Ward were triplets). Apologies in advance if any names are wrong.

Photograph and details courtesy of Sue Murray

6 thoughts on “Country Dancing Team at Redbrook Primary School c1963

  1. Hi that looks like my brother front row fourth from the right his name is Anthony Wilton (Tony) sadly he is no longer with us. Maureen think I was at school with your twin sisters were you called Legg?


  2. Hi Sue it was lovely to see our country dance team from Redbrook School. I’m stood next to Brian Winter, Maureen Leggett, also I can recognise Ann Basford middle row and Linda Pearson front row. Happy days of a school not there now, thank you for showing it.


    • Hi Maureen, I remember you but couldn’t think of your surname, same with Ann and Linda. If I remember rightly Linda’s parents had a shop. As you say, happy days, I came over and took I wonder where everyone ended up. Are you still in the area?


      • Hi Sue yes I’m still in the area at Norton so not too far from Roseworth, did you leave the area? I also remember Linda’s parents had a shop and think it was a newsagents. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more replies on this site, it would have been nice. I’m in touch with quite a few of my friends from when I was at Roseworth Secondary. I have twin Sisters Eileen and Kathleen two years younger than us but I don’t suppose you can remember them. Lovely hearing from you.


        • Hi Maureen, yes I did leave the area. I started Roseworth Secondary Modern after junior school but left in the Easter as we moved to Newton Aycliffe where I still live. I was friends with Carol Thornton when I was at the Secondary Modern but I lost touch with her when I moved. Sorry I don’t remember your sisters. I was quite saddened to see that the secondary school has also gone. Yes it is a shame there hasn’t been more interest in the site that would have been nice.


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