11 thoughts on “Staff at Ashmores

  1. My dad worked at Ashmore and Whesso his name was Robert Williams (ginger Bob) would love to see more photo. I can remember going into the tool shop as a kid.


    • My Dad “Peter Purchase” had many fond memories of your Dad and thought highly of him. Was he Foreman /Chargehand Slinger? I know my Dad heard he got a job with Harkers Engineering when Whessoe’s closed in 1978. Apart from that I cannot say anymore. But I certainly recognised the name or rather the nickname.
      My Dad thought very highly of Ashmores and I spent many a meal time listening to the many stories he told me, of the Work and the Characters. I would find it very difficult to pinpoint where the South Stockton works once stood, the area has changed so much.


  2. Looked in vain for a familiar face, as there once were three of my cousins, Margaret, Jesse, and Anne significantly propping up the office staff at one point in their careers, reinforced by their father Percy and brother, David, immersed in the manufacturing end of the business. And then there was my wife-to-be as a secretary to cap it all off, who made lifelong friends whilst there, including “her” engineering group from the U.S. of A. involved in the design-build of a chemical plant destined for India.
    What would Ashmores have done without this family? Ha! Ha!


  3. I worked at Ashmores from 1961 to 1970 first as a messenger girl then in the planning department and finally in the Data Prep as a punch girl happy days.


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