3 thoughts on “Stockton High Street 1986

  1. Photo 3 (left to right)
    ? – Jewelers?
    Pools Surplus Supplies/Stores – clothes & misc
    Odeon – Cinema (closed, ready to be The Mall nightclub 1987)
    Post Office
    Barclays Bank
    Rock Bottom – ?
    Leslie Brown’s – Toys & records
    Smiths – Dry Cleaners


  2. Can we anyone add names/trades to these places in 1986?
    Photo 1 (left to right)
    ? – Pub (became Downtown a few years later) (what was the ground floor?)
    Decor8 – Supplies for decorating
    Cowans – ?
    Ladbroke Social Club – Bingo
    Maynards – Newsagent
    Exchanges – Pub
    Stylo – Footwear (closed)


    • 1st – The Victoria – Pub (currently Dr. M’Gonigle’s Emporium)
      3rd – Gowans (not Cowans!) – Linen & curtains (later moved to unit on left of Ship Inn Yard)


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