Grangefield Grammar School, Class 4R, 1964 – 65

Class 4R, 1964 – 65 with Mr P A Sedgewicke in charge!

Apologies for any errors:-

Back Row: ??, Billy Hugill, Alan Penson, Alan Harley, ? Cowan.

3rd Row: Thirlwell Ward, Dixon Beaumont Lyall(!), David Gibson Callendar Richard Hewitson Andy Malkin, Jonathan McClemont.

2nd Row: ? Beeston, ? Spendley, Mervin Blades, Spence (?), Roberts (?), me (Rob Mills), Johnny Crowther, John Little, Cliff Plummer, David Haigh, David Mackin.

Front row: Alan Moody, ? Wardell, Chris Allan, George Hilder, PAS, Trevor Pollard, ‘Jakey’ Blakey, ‘Oliver’ Postgate, Ian Elenor

We were pretty cool cats in our sports jackets, flannels and V-necked jumpers! Chelsea boots and hush puppies making appearances as well. I always thought GGS’ liberal view on uniform really set us aside from the lesser breeds of SGS and Richard Hind.

This was my last year at Grangefield; My dad was transferred from ICI at Billingham, down to their new Severnside plant outside Bristol.
There I started at a mixed(!) school, and spoke to girls – other than my sisters – for the first time since leaving Billingham North Junior. At 15 1/2, that was brilliant.

Photograph and details courtesy of Rob Mills.

12 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School, Class 4R, 1964 – 65

  1. It’s David Callender. Not related to Alan as far as I know, who was several years above me. My brother is Geoff, who is 6 years younger than me. Don’t remember owing John Little any money! We used to play squash together occasionally at one time. I don’t think I can add any new names. Good to see them again and still be able to match to the faces!


  2. Hi Rob, Your story is very similar to mine. I left Grangefield in 1964, after A levels, to join my parents in Bristol. My Dad had also transferred to the Severnside plant when it started up c.1962.
    Are you related to George Mills who lived at the other end of Lomond Ave. to us?


    • Hi Malcolm, Yes George Mills (still with us, bless him) is my dad. I’m sure we came round to your house, soon after we moved down to Thornbury. Did you live in Patchway?


      • Hi Rob,
        My parents (both sadly passed) stayed in the same house in Patchway throughout their life. My wife and I took it over in 2000 just before I retired so, yes, I’m back to the place you probably visited. It would be good to meet up some time.


  3. Hi Rob,
    I know a lot of the faces through my husband……who is in the photo, Nigel Wardell.
    David Haigh, also in the photo, is sadly now no longer with us. He married my friend Marion Smith.


  4. Hi Rob – I remember you……In DEC Cawleys English class he quizzed us and you were the only person well informed about current affairs (like who was foreign secretary that kind of thing). He went back to ICI in the end.

    Top left is John Cameron?
    David Penson not Alan.
    David or Alan Calendar (one was the other’s brother. I think the one in the picture still owes me 19s for Grangefield old boys dinner…)
    Chris Beeston
    Chris Spence
    David Thirlwell?
    Martin Spendley?

    I think your others are all correct but I can’t remember first names for messrs Ward, Cowan, Wardell (Nigel?), Ward and Roberts

    Talking of girls – there was the incident when classicist head Bradshaw made an announcement in assembly about “intercourse through the wire netting”. (The tennis courts were on the boys/girls schools boundary….). There was quite a new initiative in the 6th form when we had joint discussion events/days with the girls – not many I don’t think.

    John Little


    • Hi John, well its been a long time. I don’t remember the Mr Cawley incident, but I’m sure I remember being round at your house. Did you have a piano?
      Intercourse through the wire netting…. Grangefield boys were always resourceful and determined!


      • Rob – Hi. Sorry, I haven’t been back to this website for a while so I didn’t spot your reply.

        Yes we had a piano in our house next door to the Coop in Bishopton Road. I seem to remember you and Mervyn Blades coming round and bashing out some tunes. I never could sing though.



    • As a Richard Hind lad who attended Grangefield Grammar in the Sixth Form I was not made to feel part of the school by some of the teachers and also by some of my fellow students. I did however develop some long standing friendships that have stood the test of time, 51 years to be exact.


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