Can you help?

We recently had the above set of postcards donated to the Reference Library. Two of the postcards are hand painted images of flowers, and date back to early 1900’s.

One is addressed to Master Ernest Jewitt at the Post Office on the High Street at Norton. The other is addressed to Master Harry Jewitt, also at the Post Office, and sent to him by Ethel. One other postcard is addressed to Miss Elsie Roper at 68 High Street, Norton, from Isaac Cook.

After conducting our own research we found that Harry and Ernest were the sons of George Jewitt and his wife Jane (Jennie), who in 1901 was the post mistress at the Post Office, at no. 71 Norton High Street. George was born on the in Stamfordham, in Northumberland about 1864, and at the time the 1901 Census was taken his occupation was an engineman. George married Jane Moore in 1890, in Hexham, and Matthew Henry Jewitt (Harry) was born a year later in 1891, at Norton.

George Ernest Jewitt (Ernest), was also born in Norton on the 18th January 1893, and in 1900 a sister, Annie Lilian was born there also. Ernest grew up to become an accounts chief clerk, and in 1924 married Elsie Roper, who was almost the girl next door, as she lived at 68 High Street, Norton. Ernest and Elsie had 2 children – Margaret E. Jewitt, who was born in Stockton in 1924 and George R. Jewitt, born in 1932, also in Stockton.

We would love to give the postcards to a relative of Ernest or Harry. If you think you may be related to the brothers, please contact Stockton Reference Library 01642 528079 /

8 thoughts on “Can you help?

  1. During my apprenticeship years (1943-1948) I was supervised by Mr. George Jewitt (who was profoundly deaf) where he served at what was then called Oil Works, Refinery Section. Surely he has surviving family that might help you?


  2. There was a Margaret E Jewitt (b.1924) who married a Walter I Carter in 1955 in S.E.Durham.
    They had three children, Lynda A (b.1962), Stephen D. (1964) and Jacqueline (1965).
    I have been able to trace the marriage of a Stephen D Carter in 1984 to Karen Speight in the Claro registration area (that covers the Knaresborough/Ripon area). They had two daughters,
    Catherine Louise (b.1987) and Victoria Helen (b.1992) but I have been unable to trace where they are. I believe that Stephen and Karen Carter are still alive.


  3. Back in the 1950s into the 1960s the head teacher at Roseberry Juniors school was a Mr Jewitt. His first name was I think William. Could he be related to this family?..


  4. There was a George Jewitt/Jowett living on Keithlands Avenue, Norton, during the mid to late 1950s. He would have been in his mid to late 60s, certainly no older than 65. He was a supervisor at ICI Billingham at that time. I came across him when I was an apprentice at ICI, but can’t remember where as we moved about every six months whilst serving our time.


    • There was a George Jewitt who lived a a semi where now is the r/about on the Green with his parents. I thought he became a teacher but may be wrong. He would be about 90 now. He married a girl called Dorothy Beasley and they lived in Osmotherley. He may not be the person you are looking for but the name is the same and he is from Norton.


  5. These are two interesting cards to me. I worked with Mr Roper at the Norton Dental Practice of C.V. Armitage, Norton Road. He was connected with Hexam but lived with the Curry Family next door to my relations. They lived at a house called The Laurels but I can not remember their number. ‘The Laurels’ was demolished and some kind of business came and went.

    Mr Roper retired and went to live in Bath, it may be that Elsie Roper was his wife or sister.
    J. Norman Kidd.


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