11 thoughts on “Newsagents on Bishopton Lane, Stockton

  1. This paper shop in on the corner of Inkerman Street, where I was born, in 1940-50 it was owned by a one Pop Jackson. The other paper shop mentioned was owned by Mr Whiteside, I was paper boy there in the 50s


  2. I was a paperboy from this shop in the early to mid sixties and it was owned by a Mr Dixon. What I knew of him was that he was into gliding aeroplanes and lived opposite the Fairfield pub. I seem to recollect that the door into the shop wasn’t on the corner as the photo shows but where the advert for cigarettes is. Unless my mind is playing up ?.


  3. Ken and Pat Gilhooley had a newsagents in Bishopton Lane opposite Moores Leisure., they also had shops in Thornaby and later in Stokesley. The shop in the picture was originally owned by a Mr Dixon. I was a Circulation Representative on the Gazette and visited all the newsagents in Stockton and district. Probably going back nearly 50 years.


  4. This newsagents was owned at different times by the parents of school pals of mine. Firstly the Ford’s in the fifties and then by the Holland’s late fifties/sixties


  5. Does anyone have a picture of 11 Bishopton Lane which was my Grandfather, James Waistell’s Newsagents shop for many years in the 1930′ to 1940’s. It was next to Maynards Sweet Shop if I remember correctly and across the Street from the Ideal Paint Shop.


  6. I know this newsagents well. It used to be called ‘GILHOOLEY’S’ and as I was called Paul Gilhooley everyone thought it belonged to my parents. It had nothing to do with me (us) and I think that it was owned by a person not named Gilhooley.


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