6 thoughts on “Winpenny House, Yarm c1979

  1. The kitchen was on the groundfloor facing the wynd and the bedrooms were on the upper floor it was a really big house. There was an attic in which my Uncle Derek built a canoe to use on the river unfortunately the canoe he built was too big to take it downstairs!!
    In one of the bedrooms there was an old gramophone which you had to wind up to get it to play… I wish that I’d taken photos of it all now but I was just a lad in the 60s… Happy memories


  2. This was the house my nan lived in… I have previous posts of this. My uncle Derek Fenny and my father William Fenny lived here also. I can remember it well. I have many happy memories of my visits to Yarm


  3. I just can’t get over how old the buildings are in England. I lived in an old one in Billingham in the 40s and know that a lot of old buildings have no or little insulation in the winter time never the less I love England but can’t live there anymore.


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