St John’s C of E Junior School Football Team, Stockton

This picture of St. John’s football team was taken in the school hall during the summer of 1958.

I’m sitting at the end of the front row, on the right as you look at it, (the only one with his shirt undone!) with John Morton behind me and John Sudlow to his right. Centre of the front row with the ball is that year’s captain, Keith Jones and that’s all, apart from Mr. Ogden, that I can remember. I and several others were in junior 3, the remainder junior 4.

Photograph and details courtesy of Paul Butler.

7 thoughts on “St John’s C of E Junior School Football Team, Stockton

  1. I believe that Peter Bethel is standing next to Mr. Ogden and Geoffrey Gray is sitting at the end infront of Mr. Ogden.
    If recall (Paul Butler) you lived in Sydney Street, Stockton on Tees. Tony Reid is still about he still lives in the same house on Darlington Lane that he lived in with his parents.
    Good to know a few of us are still “ticking over.”


  2. I was at Ragworts Juniors at the same time and remember playing St Johns School. Mr Wilkinson wasn’t there a cloud over him if memory serves me right…


  3. Like Andrew I wore that quartered shirt in season 62/63. I believe Mr. Wilkinson was still the team trainer and teacher. Others included the keeper Graham Dodsworth, captain and center-half Alan (I think) Moore, John Ashworth, Alan Potts, David Blenkinsop, Glenn Hutchinson (we lived in the same street Radnor Close), Kenneth Collitt, Carl Mudd. Apologies to others whose names I have forgotten. We were not too bad as I recall, winning more than we lost, our worst defeat being a 3-0 loss to Frederick Nattras (or ‘Freddy Nat’ to us) on their home pitch in Bluehall Park, Norton.

    My best regards to my fellow players and classmates of that year, hope you are all fit, well and thriving wherever your later studies and career took you.


    • Not forgetting John Scott. Kenny Collit sadly as passed away. I think it was Dave Moore not Alan. I still see Dave Moore and Graham Dodsworth kicking about.


    • Hi Alan, yes you are correct, it is Tony Reid and I’ve remembered one more, David Bingham who is on the back row, second from the left as we look at the picture.
      Mr Wilkinson took over from Mr. Ogden for our final year ‘58 to ‘59
      Paul Butler


  4. I wore that shirt three years later. Lost 12-1 on my debut away at Newtown Juniors, a much larger school. My last game was away against Roseworth Primary on a Friday afternoon. We went on the bus, just the team, no teachers! Mr. Wilkinson was the sports teacher.


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