Where in Haverton Hill was the Bowling Green?

This picture is captioned Haverton Hill Bowling Green. The houses look as if they may be part of the Furness estate. I am wondering if anybody knows where in Haverton it was situated.

Are there any Old Havertonians who can place this? Date Unknown.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

26 thoughts on “Where in Haverton Hill was the Bowling Green?

  1. I remember Hood, Howard & Codrington Cres. As a 14 year old I worked on an afternoon & weekends for Gallons the Grocers. I delivered to all the streets in Haverton. My delivery bike had a small wheel at the front & a huge basket above it. What a struggle to get it going Then it was a struggle to get it to stop. I remember I had to go for a medical at a building next to the old Billingham Baths before I could start work. Happy Days


  2. Many thanks to all who replied, I had already asked a couple of Old Havertonians about the bowling green, neither knew anything about it and one thought the photo wasn’t of Haverton Hill.

    The picture is a postcard I have recently received, it has “Haverton Hill Bowling Green” printed on the back, I also received a postcard of Marlborough Road in the same batch.


  3. Hi would I be correct in saying that the area pictured is now the Quorn Foods manufacturing plant, I was eight when we moved from Hawke Street to Low Grange, I remember playing amongst the demolished houses ‘up the hill’


    • Hi David, I lived in 21, Hawke Street till 1961 & also moved to Low Grange, I remember the end of old Haverton as it was slowly was demolished and how Low Grange grew, but still say today I was from Havo and proud of it!


      • Hello Keith, I was born in 1960, but do remember the house across the street from no 20, now living in Holmfirth, West Yorks


      • I was born in St Vincent Street. My nana lived in Rodney Street, my aunty and uncle lived in Ddrake Street. I wonder if you can remember any of them? Norman and Jean Bryson, Irene and Keith Bryson, Sarah Jane Attwell


  4. The bowling green and tennis courts where located at the top of the hill. The hill had three crescents bottom crescent was called Hood, middle called Howard top called Codrington. It was also known as hill 60. Beyond the bowling green was at that time, open fields to Cowpen village. Our family lived in Howard crescent. For a time the Furness grounds man Mr Parnaby was our next door neighbor, when he left his replacement was called Mr Hutchinson he lived in Codrington crescent just opposite the entrance to the bowling green. Both grounds men in addition to the bowling green, tennis courts also looked after the Football ground, which had a cricket pitch and hockey pitch. All the facilities belonged to Furness Shipbuilding Co. To conclude I would just like to add my voice to the many on this site that state what wonderful places Port Clarence and Haverton Hill where to spend your childhood.


    • Hi Ces,
      I lived in codrington crescent. Number 6 the very first house on the left. Opposite the bowling green. We were also relocated to lowgrange bowhill way.
      Can you remember the man with the van that used to bring stilts, balls and hoopla rings by the beck? I’m 59 now it seems like another life.


      • Great times and memories living on hill 60. I lived in 6 Howard Crescent. I remember the bowling green and tennis courts well.

        My regular dog walking area now. Sections of Howard and Hood Crescents still remain but unfortunately no trace of Codrington Crescent.


  5. There was an excellent football ground in Haverton. My cousin’s former husband Colin Jarvis played there. He was a very talented player and a kind and generous man.


  6. Think it was around Hood, Howard and Codrington Crescent. Known as Hill 60.
    From George Morris formerly of St Vincent Street. Haverton


    • Hi Lynn, i used to play tennis there in the fifties. If you remember me I used to live in 33 Hood Cres, I now live in Perth, Western Australia


    • There was also an excellent football ground in Haverton too. My cousin’s former husband Colin Jarvis played there. He was a very talented player and a kind and considerate man too.


        • Is Colin Jarvis still alive, there is a Colin Jarvis that goes in the Billinghasm Cons. from time to time, probably in his 70`s, think he was in haulage, or owned a haulage business.


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