3 thoughts on “Stockton Town Hall c1990s

  1. Yes Roy, you have to leave it to realise what we have in the Stockton area. I travelled although Stockton was always home and even at 90 it amazes me we are not better known. A clean river, lovely Town centre with entertainment easy access to hills and sea side, what more could you want.


  2. Yet again, this is a lovely photo of one of the main features in Stockton’s famous High Street. A lovely brick building with its octagonal clock and plaque depicting the castle and anchor. When we travel abroad it is easy to forget the attractiveness that lies in our own back yard. I would love to see Stockton promoted as a tourist attraction bringing wealth to the local economy. Strangely, I attended a brunch party two weeks ago here in Epsom in Surrey. I sat next to another guest and discovered he once worked at ICI Billingham. Two hours later we were still reminiscing. And the brunch was good too.


    • I agree Roy. The picture certainly makes me feel homesick! Such a beautiful building in an amazing High Street throughout the years. It has to be the most splendid detached Town Hall buildings that stands centrally in the whole of the UK.
      I actually went into the Town Hall as a school boy to witness the proceedings of the birth of Teesside.


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