Just Six Years To Go…

‘Just 6 years to go…..’  a joint production by Martin Peagam, Jim Fox and Barry Thompson at Stockton Central Library (Jim Cooke Suite) on Thursday 26 September from 1pm. To book a FREE place or for more details contact 01642 528079 / reference.library@stockton.gov.uk

Opened on 27 September 1825, the Stockton & Darlington Railway is where the modern railway network was born. With just six years to go before the 200th anniversary of that momentous event, we present three talks on the history of the railway, celebrating its place in history, one of the enterprising men behind it, and the celebrations that it has generated.


5 thoughts on “Just Six Years To Go…

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the talks today, and well worth the long journey. Also sat outside the Parish Church and watched the activity in the High Street for half an hour – now I have not done that for a long time. I also spent a couple of wonderful hours with my relative and your correspondent Frank (Phil) Mee. You will never get Stockton out of my blood even though I have been away for 72 years.


    • True David I think Tees water runs in our veins, I remember driving along Durham Road in California into Stockton across the Bay from San Francisco thinking those lads who came from this area for the Gold Rush were home sick, many never got back home. Nothing like our own Stockton of course but we had a memorable meal with a German Couple and Stockton was discussed.
      Thank you for the lovely enlarged photo’s of the Old Ticket Office David a place I passed many times thinking it was about to fall down but at last it got some TLC not before time.
      Born in Stockton came back after many travels and can even be cremated here now, yes I am here to stay.


  2. Over 40 places now taken for this event and not many left so chug along and book a ticket and get steamed up over the Stockton & Darlington Bi-Centenary in 2025!


    • I had no doubt you would be there David, you can do a pit stop here if you wish.
      As to the round trip do what I did driving a truck for Doves, enjoy the wonderful views as I travelled to the Carlisle depot. Then it was across the country to Berwick depot and home. After three deserts I had learned to love the joy of driving through Scenic Britain, we are the luckiest people in this world, I also believe having lived through Stockton’s many face lifts, seeing it before and now after I have lived the dream.


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