Stockton Junior Schools Athletics Association

These two photographs show the letter rack presented to me in 1996/7 after my retirement having been the secretary and organiser of the annual Stockton Junior Schools Sports day from 1971 to 1995. This was held every June or July weather permitting from I believe well before the war, indeed the girls trophy for large schools being silver marked for 1939.

There were races for teams of children from the ages of 7 to 11, plus relays each having its own final. The races were held on Stockton Cricket Ground for many years and then in the latter years on the William Newton School field. Between 20 and 25 schools took place each year and to make sure all schools had a chance they were put into two categories, small schools and large schools depending upon pupil numbers. Unfortunately I believe that the association has ceased to function for many years although I believe the Cleveland ones may still continue. Some schools in the old Stockton Borough will no doubt still have trophies in their keep.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Graham.

13 thoughts on “Stockton Junior Schools Athletics Association

  1. At Newtown School all the boys in the last year lined up at the Brown Bridge end run down the playground in front of the school round the roundabout near the caretaker’s house & back, the winner represented the school in the Town Sports.


  2. I remember the sports days in Ropner Park and also the football ground. I can’t remember the years but I won the 150 yards in Ropner Park and the 440 Yard at the football ground. I ran for Richard Hind Juniors.

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    • Remember the school sports at Ropner Park. It would be the junior, primary years. This would be 1947ish. I represented the Frederick Nattrass junior school and came 2nd to a lad called Peter Henry from Oxbridge school in the 60 yards dash.


    • Hi John I remember we used to hold the practice races along the front of the school, yourself Barry Heath and Keith Gamble were always just quicker than me.
      Did you continue in athletics after RHS as I think you went to Barnard Castle school


      • Hi Dave, I did continue with athletics at Barnard Castle and then briefly when I went to Stockton Billingham Tech and then at Manchester University. I got more into Rugby and then discovered Rally Cars which then took over most of my sporting life until my mid 30s.

        Fond memories


  3. I knew Derek Graham from our time together at Richard Hind when I linked up with him and Frank Kirkwood when we reached the 4th and 5th Forms, in 1958-59. We used to stroll round Ropner Park after the school lunch (or dinner time as we called it) and talk about all sort of things. These chats had a very beneficial effect on me.

    I am absolutely certain that that Stockton’s Junior Athletes must also have gained a great deal from exposure to what Derek could teach them. Both on and off the field. We met up a couple of years ago, and for me it was as if the decades between us had vanished in a flash.


  4. I remember competing at the sports day. It was always a great day. I think the first one for me was in 1965. I enjoyed competing but most of all trotting to the shop to buy a frozen Jubilee! If anyone remembers them? Frozen orange. I have some great memories of the school sports days.


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