Class Photograph, St Peter and Paul’s school c1954

I have attached a very early class photograph probably the first year I attended St Peter and Paul’s school. I would have been six years old at the time as my first year at school was spent at St Mary’s in Stockton. Some of the teachers from this time I remember are:
Miss Blenkinsop, Mrs Ferguson, Miss Holmes, Mrs Smith, Jim Doughty (Head master), Miss Gallagher, Mr Macintosh.

The names of the pupils I can remember (I hope) are; Back row (l-r): Peter Dee. Keith Codd, Gerard Downey, Anthony Monk, Terry Bainbridge, Brett, ?, Ken Salmon, Dave Cook, Francis Kane, Fred Burr, ?, John Mathews, ?.

Middle row (l-r); Carol Vettas, ?, Nertney, ?, Kathleen Rawlins, Sylvia Stottle, ?, ?, Patricia Roberts, Elisabeth Goldsmith, Linda Parker

Front Row (l-r); Alan Taylor, Brian Philips, Jimmy Shepherd, Eileen Burke, Elisabeth Condon, Christine Waters, Theresa Richardson.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ken Salmon.

9 thoughts on “Class Photograph, St Peter and Paul’s school c1954

  1. My cousin Peter Walmsley bn 1947 went the St Peter and Paul’s at this time. His sisters Patricia and Barbara who were a year to 2 years younger also attended. I haven’t seen him or Patricia for more than 55 years. I can’t recognise either on this photograph. But perhaps the name might trigger some memory In you of one of the missing names.


    • I noticed Michael Boddy (welder) on the photograph who I worked alongside for a few years. Michael is a few years older than me, I would guess he is now 72 or 73 years old. The point being he would have been in more senior class than me in which case I doubt it is the first year class in the year 1954 but a more senior class.


  2. My cousin Peter Walmsley (B 1947) went to St Peter and Paul’s school, how ever I am unable to say if he was in fact in this particular year. His sister Patricia and Barbara who are both his junior, also attended this school. Perhaps the information above might provide the name of at least one of the unknown.


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