Head Wrightson, Teesdale Trip to Blackpool

This is a photograph of guys from Head’s heavy and light machine shops on their annual trip to Blackpool probably around 1968/69.
The trips were organised by Peter McGann, who is probably taking the photo, unfortunately I can only name the younger ones but I am sure Len Nicholson with his fantastic memory will be able to fill in the missing names.
Seated on the floor left to right is Stevie Whitmarsh, Dave Pitt, Gordon Grant, behind them (l to r) me (Brian Parker) and Tommy Proctor I don’t know the third guy who I think was a mate of Tommy’s and didn’t work at Heads.
The trips were a good mixture of ages with constant laughter, banter, ribbing and practical jokes and I felt privileged to be part of them.

Photograph and details courtesy of Brian Parker.

7 thoughts on “Head Wrightson, Teesdale Trip to Blackpool

  1. There was a Whitmarch who drove the tains around the factory at Thornaby, maybe it’s a relation of the one mentioned on here. Probably would be his dad.


  2. I think they were friends of Brian McClean apart from 3rd from the left on the bench is Alec Fowler who worked on the post borer in the heavy plate shop.


  3. I knew Peter McGann from the Stockton swimming club. He was a great friend of my dads. Peter was also a keen photographer, lovely man


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