5 thoughts on “A Planing and Moulding Machine, F. Hills & Sons Ltd

  1. I joined Hills in 1960, and served as a apprentice woodcutting machinist. I worked on this Jenson planing machine, which supplied a high volume of thicknessed timber to factory 5 flush door production, I found this machine challenging, noisy, and kept me very busy ! I worked with some great people at Hills, working there for over 20 years.


  2. Worked in the drawing Office at Hills, served a few years as a draughtsman. Still in touch with Dave Smith who also worked in the office.


  3. Norman Mayes and I met here and married 61 years ago. Norman was a draughtsman and I was a shorthand typist. I remember a Pam, Dorothy, Malcolm Price and yummy current buns (for morning tea) from Hills own food hall.


  4. Great company, they were in Yarm round the back of west street,& they burnt down,then moved to Norton Road, my late father (we’re an old Yarm family) told me, they used to employ a lot of “Yarm lads” I have 2 large timbers used as roof joists I removed from my wife’s grandads bungalow next door to us when it was knocked down & I was told they were the jib of a crane that they had in Yarm, there’s no markings on them just faded paint.


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