Edwardian Yarm and Yarm c2019

I date this picture to around about 1910, the lady with the pram is wearing a long skirt with a shirtwaist blouse that was very much in fashion around about that time.

Metcalfe’s newsagent and tobacconist has signs for The Yorkshire Post and The Yorkshire Herald, a bit of internet research revealed that the Yorkshire Post is still being published but the Yorkshire Herald ceased publication in 1956, between 1790 and 1890 the Yorkshire Herald was called The York Herald, it changed to The Yorkshire Herald in its centenary year.

I photographed the same scene in November 2019 from as near to the same spot as the original, but as you can see the motor car has taken over. Metcalfe’s has been replaced by Waterstones book shop and the double bay fronted town house next door is now the Cafe’ Uno otherwise the changes are not too obtrusive, I did notice that at the very end of the High Street on the corner of Bridge Street is a white cottage, this isn’t in the earlier photo.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

3 thoughts on “Edwardian Yarm and Yarm c2019

  1. Looking at the upstairs windows, I believe that Metcalfe’s is now part of CENA and the asymmetrically-fenestrated house next door is now Brown’s and ‘Whisk me Away’.


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