12 thoughts on “Stockton High Street

  1. Excellent post and photo, showing the High Street at its best. I’m trying to place exactly where it was taken, particularly the ‘West End’ Hotel (or pub). I have a long list of lost Inns and pubs and it includes two such ‘West Ends’ one is in Lawson Street (which this photo obviously isn’t). The other is ‘Ward Place’. Was this at the entrance of Finkle Street?


    • During my working days at the Stockton Co-op building department I remember a bricklayer named Alfie Appleton, would this be the same person.


      • On reflection I realise I have identified the wrong person, the bricklayer I speak of was Alfie Applegarth. Age and memory can sometimes plays tricks on us I suppose.


    • Afraid not. My family isn’t from the Stockton area. So glad the photo is of interest – it’s so clear, and captures a moment of daily life in the street.


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