2 thoughts on “Victoria Bridge c1984

  1. In the middle of the night I woke knowing I had made a mistake with the last post, my apology’s to Mr Ewles the first man to die from a German Bomb in Stockton.
    There were many more Deaths including a Baby in the St Peters Road Bombing, being a Richard Hind Boy they were all close to home as I had a friend who lived in Northcote Street Peter Bailey who a year later died of a brain hemorrhage from being struck by a wet foot ball, they were very heavy.
    My children ask how I remember all that I say “how do you forget” the children in Syria will always remember what they saw.


  2. Every time I cross that bridge or see photo’s it reminds me that the first casualty of our particular bombing was was on the bridge.
    A stick of bombs one hitting the bridge and the rest in the river caused the death of Mr Harold Ewes who was crossing the bridge to go to work. Many windows were damaged in Stockton High Street, a hole was blown in the side of the bridge that was not repaired until well after the war.
    Thornaby also got pasted by Incendiary bombs shops houses some factories and the flour mill were damaged.
    How do I remember all that it was because my Dad’s truck was used to clear Bomb damage I was often with him, to an 11 year old it was all very graphic.


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