16 thoughts on “Richard Hind Girls School

    • I remember your mum giving us banana sandwiches and watching the Lone Ranger on your television as we didn’t have one. !!


    • You must be the daughter of Harry Wilson the former Football League Referee, who worked at Head Wrightson’s Stockton Forge, Graeme also was employed by Head Wrightsons along with your dad’s two brothers Maynard & Les.


      • Yes I am Harry Wilson’s daughter and Graeme is my cousin who married Wendy Speight. Have been looking in internet for some of my dads football matches. But no luck yet. Was hoping to find a video of a game dad refereed.


  1. About 1958, I have been informed the girl back-row 2nd from right is Mavis Lightowler who married the TV presenter Luke Casey, the girl front-row 2nd from right is Norma Wood.


  2. Carol Wilson lived over the road from me in Granville Grove in Norton. We used to do loads together until we moved to Stockton. I think she got married and went to live in Australia if my memory serves me right.


    • Hi June. Carol Wilson (Truman) from Australia. Been here 47 years now. A nationalised Aussie now. Have 2 children. Boy and girl in their forties. Been married 53 years I live in a place called Dingley village in Melbourne.


      • Such a long time ago! I now live in Devon and also have 2 children a boy and a girl and 4 grandsons. We went back to Norton a few years ago and drove around looking at some of the places we used to go as children. All a bit different now.


        • We also have 4 grandsons. We went back to England 13 years ago met up with all our family and friends yes it was different, all the roads had changed. Although Granville Grove looked the same. My dad passed away in 1984 and mum in 1987. They were only 64 and 67. Too young. Travelled to England 3 times in 3 months before she died.


          • Sorry to hear your mum and dad passed away so young. I can well remember both of them. My dad died in 1980 he was only 58. After his death my mum moved to Wiltshire to be a bit nearer all of us. She died a couple of years ago she was 97 but suffered from Alzheimer’s for the last few years of her life which was very sad. Tony (my brother) lives in Bristol. His son married an Australian girl and now lives near Sydney. Margaret (my sister) never married she lives in Surrey with her two dogs. After all these years it’s surprising how many things still stay in your memory.


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