11 thoughts on “Proud Dads, Stockton

  1. I believe that the increased rents, causing difficulties for families moving out of slums, Swainby Road being an example, is what George Orwell was thinking about in one of his articles. It is not well known that for a short time he lived with his wife on the west of Stockton.

    That house still survives.


  2. Fascinating to read Martin’s comment that the houses were built in 1860’s I was born in 1956 and lived in Ware Street with my family until 1961 when we were given a council house in Hardwick Estate.


  3. This is almost certainly not Swainby or Danby Road, I grew up in Swainby & Danby Road and the building the men are standing against is a terraced house I’m sure. My grandparents Robert & Beatrice Casey were among first to move in Swainby Road when Thistle Green & Housewife Lane were demolished. I can still remember old cobble stones running from one end of the road to the other, I think Swainby & Danby Road were tarmacked late 50s.
    All the best.
    Derek Casey.


  4. The Mount Pleasant Estate was built in the 1920’s. My mother’s family moved to Danby Road in 1926 from the Housewife Lane area of Stockton, they had lived in Paradise Row. Tilery I believe had no new housing estate at that time.
    My mother said it was a different world moving from two rooms to a three bedroomed semi with inside bathroom and gardens back and front


    • Hello Dorothy. I’ve read that the move to the Mount Pleasant estate wasn’t without it’s problems. Unfortunately in the early 1930’s two of Stocktons biggest employers, Blair’s Engine Works and Ropner’s North Shore Shipyard closed. A lot men on the Mount pleasant estate were unemployed. What made the situation worse was that the rent for the new houses they were living in was a lot higher than where they had previously lived. After paying the rent many families struggled to put food on the table.
      Doctor McGonigle, the Medical Officer for Health for Stockton, did an investigation and reported on the problems people were facing.
      Did your mother ever talk about going through hard times when they moved to Mount Pleasant?


    • Dorothy I remember your grandparents very well to this day, Tom & Daisy in Danby road then into the new flats built, Tom was a Green Howard during first world war as my grandad Robert Casey was, Tom & Daisy would have known the Casey’s I’m sure. Keith Bowes was a very very good friend of mine through school days at Tilery, alas Keith was more cleverer than most of us and went onto higher education, we did meet several times in later years. I remember him sitting with me having a pint, not Keiths pub at all, was very sad to hear Keith had passed away well before his time. Both Swainby & Danby Road had the most amazing folks living there in those days.


      • Apologies Dorothy, Tom was a Kings Own Scottish Boderer as was my grandad Robert Casey, I’m 100% sure Tom & Daisy would have known my grandparents
        Robert & Beatrice Casey.
        All the best.


  5. If they WERE from the Tilery area – it was a new estate at the time and many had been moved from the slums such as Housewifes Lane…


    • I was born in Tilery Road (109) in 1955, the houses were old and run down then, so it’s doubtful Tilery was new in the mid 30’s they were Victorian houses.


    • Mandy (Marilyn) is probably probably thinking of the Mount Pleasant estate, which was to the north of the Tilery. I believe this estate was built in the 1920’s to house those from the Housewife Lane area. The Tilery ward in Stockton was created in 1889, but the houses were built during the 1860,s (Ware St, Christopher St, Haswell St, Compton St, Talbot St) and the 1870’s (Stewart St, Howard St,Newton St, Tilery Rd, etc)


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