Granville Cooper

We’ve had some sad news sent to us from Ben Brown about one of our regular contributors, Granville Cooper:

Sadly I wish to report of the death of a well known Teesside Sportsman Granville Cooper who has contributed many articles to this site over the past years.

Gran as we all knew him died aged 86 years after a mammoth battle with leukemia over the last ten years. Gran died in Bristol on Saturday 14th November. He was a one of the longest surviving sufferers of this very debilitating disease.

Gran has posted many articles on this site over the years. He was a top class centre forward playing for Billingham Synthonia and and Whitby Town for many seasons, being top scorer at Whitby Town during his stay there. In later years he played for Head Wrightsons in a very successful Teesside league team. During his National Service in the Royal Air Force he was stationed in Singapore where he won the player of the year award for the top league.

Gran served his apprenticeship at Head Wrightson Stockton Forge as a template maker and graduated to a draughtman position before embarking on a career of Construction Management. Gran was Construction Manager for BP and Foster Wheeler for many of the European major projects in his position as Construction Manager and on several occasions had the prestigious position of introducing the Queen to the top people of many successful projects. At times his staff numbered over 2500 employees. Gran is a shining example of what local talent can achieve with the right sort of attitude to their careers.

He will be sadly missed. RIP Gran Cooper.

Granville Cooper meets the Queen in Cologne , 1992.

Greg Cooper, Granville Cooper’s son, has also sent us these lovely photographs to accompany this post.


7 thoughts on “Granville Cooper

  1. Is it possible  to get Tracey Molloys email address as I think her Grandfather is my mothers long lost brother. I  know you do not like giving out personal information but I would appreciate the contact if possible

    Thanks Ben Brown


  2. So sorry to hear about Gran, condolences to his Family.
    At least we have his stories on this forum of a far different time when Stockton was a bustling Industrial area, a place of hard work and often hard play, a run down but mainly happy place to be.
    We who remember it are getting thin on the ground so get those memories written down while we can, some day they may become a book of what Stockton once was.


  3. Sad to hear. Unfortunately we are all getting older, with many of us battling health issues. My condolences to his family.
    I did enjoy reading his comments
    RIP Gran


  4. As and apprentice he may have worked with my granddad Billy Baggott who was a pattern maker at Head Wrightsons, though he probably retired around 1953.


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