New Shopping Centre, Norton, 1971.

The images are marked “New Shopping Centre, Norton, 1971”

The photographer looks as if he is stood roughly where The Centenary now is, looking towards Weaverham Road. In the views you can see Hanover Point which is under construction, with scaffold and a crane clearly in view. The low building with the glass frontage is the sales office, which I think was for Hartlepool based Yuill Homes, it is on the corner of The Glebe and the A1027 Ring Road. The sales office was eventually knocked down and the area is now grassed over.

I thought it would be fun to try and repeat the image. I was unable to stand where I believe the previous photographer stood, the Centenary pub is in the way, but I tried to get as close as I could.

Photos and details courtesy of Alex Moody.

13 thoughts on “New Shopping Centre, Norton, 1971.

  1. J W Cameron – previously a manager there – took over the brewery in Hartlepool in 1872 as J W Cameron. I was told that the opening of the Centenary on Glebe Estate commemorated this event.


  2. As far as I’m aware, Yuill Homes never built anything on the Glebe estate. I served my apprenticeship for George Fordy & Son on the Glebe. In the photo we can see the flats under construction to the right. I started on the Glebe about February 1972 and those flats were fully completed and full of people. So your timing of the photo is correct.
    We built the Centenary 1974/5 John Redhead been the foreman. I think it was a year later when we built the Queen Victoria on Yarm Road, John Redhead again supervised that project.


  3. Hi, Do you have any information on The Centenary pub itself? such as the year it was built and how it came to be named as such?
    If you are unsure, perhaps you may know someone who could assist? Thank you in advance.


  4. It was Fordy’s Site Office – I worked there for a short period in the 70’s when the Glebe estate was being built. I remember Brian King from that time.


  5. I worked on the Glebe Estate in the early years for around 6 years. Enjoyed a lot of good banter with some good lads on that site, Alan Davis being one. Just a few others included bricklayers Lol Hird & Bob Basford, joiners Wally & Wilf on the labouring side Jimmy Carter & Arthur Bullus. On the management side there was Brian King and John Redhead along with Jimmy Basford who dealt with all the administration in the site office. Far too many more to mention here, but all made for the good years I spent working on the estate.


  6. I remember the Centenary being was a Camerons house??? I lived on Rochester Road and also remember the large estate being built and taking over the green areas betwixt the railway and Norton, adjacent to the “new road”….


  7. The sakes office was indeed George Fordy & Sons. They owned all the land on the Glebe estate and constructed all homes, flats, pub & shops. Like Alan J served my apprenticeship for Fordy as a bricklayer. I helped build homes and the Centenary pub on that estate…


  8. The site office belonged to Fordys I worked on the site from 1967 to 1974 as apprentice and the electrician. Worked on the Centenary Pub and the shop attached to it plus a lot of the houses and bungalows. Good photos.

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      • Hi Alec. Definitely not superior knowledge but knew Malcolm Fordy through working at his house and started on the Glebe on Weaverham and Ashton Road houses and bungalows. Even wired the little estate office and bought a house in Ashton Rd through the office. Your photos bring back such good memories. Cheers Alan Davis

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