Days in the 1st Thornaby (10th Teesside) Company Boys Brigade

Life experiences were gained with participating as a member in the Boys Brigade. Goals achieved through many disciplines of activities and badges attained to show your progress. Sharing responsibilities and respect with others in the company with pride in what is achievable, both individually and as a team. The photograph only shows me, though the trophy represents the first aid team and coach/officer in 1970. Many bonds of friendship were established at that time and held in high esteem as one remembers back. The officers then coached in many ways with enthusiasm and dedication in their duties. A mantle to carry forward for future generations to aspire, a wonderful organisation to have been a part of in my life.

Photographs and details courtesy of Michael Hymer

14 thoughts on “Days in the 1st Thornaby (10th Teesside) Company Boys Brigade

  1. I was a member of 10th Teesside around the same time as you Michael. The Drinkells from Stranton St in Thornaby were a big part of the organisation, Dad was an officer, John and I think his younger brother were in the ranks.
    I have a funny feeling I was in the first aid team you mentioned, I remember we had to go to a St Johns place (could have been near the Five Lamps in Thornaby) and we had to deal with a mock up accident, broken bones etc.
    Also remember going to camp at Hinderwell, first time away from home, felt like another planet. A lad called Derek Hobday was there among others.


    • I lived in Oxford Road. There was John and Christopher (younger brother) in the BB, On this site, use “Mandale Road 1979” in the search box to see the St John Ambulance building. Any ideas on who trained us, as my mind is a bit fuzzy.


      • I cant remember to be honest who trained us (over 50 yrs ago), I do remember it was pretty realistic, they had fake blood and moaning with pain “patients”.


  2. I joined, what was then the LifeBuoys, the 8th Stockton BB in 1953 and remained with them until I left home in 1963. I still have the badges I won from those days.

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  3. I joined the first Thornaby in 1961 and enjoyed my time with them until I left home when I left school at the end of 1966 and moved to Birmingham.
    My elder sister was also in the 1st Thornaby GLB from 1961 until she moved away to Uni in 1968.
    Can’t remember the Captains name but the lieutenant was a Ginger headed guy called Les? Lawrence who lived in Humber Road.
    First summer camp away I learned early and having got there on Saturday I volunteered for jankers on Sunday. (We all did 1 day). Was a winner because we all marched about 3 miles into Filey and back for church on Sunday morning, so I missed the spud bashing and only started after lunch with the pots.

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