The Turks Head c1946

A photo of The Turks Head public house c1946, taken from outside St Mary’s RC Church. It was on the corner of Thompson Street and Norton Road and survived when everything around it was demolished. This section of Norton Road was at one time known as Clarence Terrace.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

8 thoughts on “The Turks Head c1946

    • Hi, a bit more about the Turks Head. A Charles Rowell (1871-1901) was resident circa 1881. Thomasin E. Rowell(1866-1905) was a barmaid there, circa 1881. The address was 15 Clarence Terrace.


  1. No it was not. I am nearly sure that it was located in Crowe Place between Webster Street and Lawson Street. Correct me if I am wrong!


  2. Presumably Clarence Terrace was named after the Duke of Clarence, cf. Port Clarence, but I’d be happy to be contradicted.


    • It was, in a roundabout way. Clarence Terrace, Clarence Row, Clarence Street and Port Clarence were all named in conjunction with the Clarence Railway which was named after the Duke of Clarence. The Stockton Branch of the Clarence was the North Shore branch and it ran from Norton West Junction, down Stockton Bank, past Hill’s, over Norton Road at Tilery over Portrack Lane to the North Shore of the River Tees..


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