Umpleby Farm

This is a picture of one of the farms in the area owned by the Umpleby family. They also owned Primrose Hill which I know is no longer and another farm which I don’t know the name of, maybe California farm which is still there today.

Image and details courtesy of Jacqui Lewis.

15 thoughts on “Umpleby Farm

  1. Shame it became derelict. Looks great c.1947 in other photo on site but when I was a Newtown School in 50s it was derelict; broken windows and overgrown; We used to call it ‘the haunted house’. Wonder what happened?


  2. Yes, Primrose Hill was on the Durham Road/Londonderry Road corner. California Farm was on Letch Lane at Carlton and the other farm the Umplebys had at the time was Dog Hill Farm at Portrack which they left when it was bombed in WW2.


  3. I am related to the Umpleby family through a great Aunt and Uncle, I recall a conversation many years ago that California Farm was on Letch Lane in Stockton heading towards Carlton Village.


    • Hi Graham was your man Doreen if so we had a great aunt Sarah Umpleby. I am Christine. Me and my husband Richard and uncle Tommy used to be good friends with your mam, Tommy was her cousin.


  4. Like you, Peter, I remember David Umpleby from Richard Hind. The gossip was that he got married as soon as he left school.


  5. I went to Richard Hind in the mid 60’s and there was a Dave Umpleby in our form, was he from the same family?


  6. When I was a child in the 1950s there was a derelict, overgrown old house that looked like this where the glass house now stands on Londonderry Road. Wonder if this was it? Where is the California Farm?


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