ICI Discoverer Camp, 1965

This is the first ever Discoverer Camp at Ingleby Greenhow in June 1965. Ray Teigh instructor back row 1st left, (myself) Jeff Taylor back row 6th left, Jimmy Embleton back row 7th left, Frank Sterrett instructor middle row 1st left, Robert Crallan middle row 3rd right.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jeff Taylor.

6 thoughts on “ICI Discoverer Camp, 1965

  1. I was thinking the 1st person bottom left had the look of one of the other instructors at Billingham, cant quite remember his name at the moment…. I also had a week there in the 70’s, wasn’t quite my bag having developed a liking for women and booze, but lots of the other lads got a lot of pleasure from the experience and went again a number of times….. character building as I recall


      • Lol Roe… that’s the man, cheers Graham. He was the first instructor I trained under, what a grand chap, I only discovered what a comprehensive and thorough training we received at Billingham when I left ICI and spread my wings across the rest of the world, nobody could touch us for the depth of knowledge and confidence instilled in us by the instructors of those days. We owe those fellows much


  2. Back row 4th from right is Alan Dewison, he died climbing in the Himalayas. Nobody informed his parents that he had fallen, it was left to a neighbour who heard it on the BBC News. Middle row 3rd from the left is Keith Nesbitt


  3. Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing. Not sure but I think the 1st person bottom left is my dad, Alan Miller who worked in Billingham ICI, he started as a sheet metal worker but went on to work in the Plastics div. before becoming a Estimator.


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