6 thoughts on “266 Squadron, RAF Wyton

  1. Hi Frank, many thanks for posting, I have looked for photos of 266 Sqd but never found any.

    remember Dizzy Bowring and Flight Sgt. 4th right on 2nd. Row, he used to take us for Flight Instruction, Weight and Drag against Thrust & Lift. if my memory is correct.

    Remember going to Stamford Baths for the survival Training, jumping off the top Board in full kit !!

    Do you have any from the Remembrance Day Parade down Stockton High Street or the Model we built and set up in the Odeon Picture house for the 633 Sqd movie. ??

    Also any from Gliding at Catterick or Flying Chipmunks / Shooting at the RAF base in Northumberland, forgot the name now.


      • Hi Colin, thanks for the memory jolt. I used to like shooting in the morning and flying after lunch, used to get longer flights as some of the others got sick ( after lunch) and returned quicker than planned !
        I used to love flying with the Sqd. Leader, he was a Spitfire pilot in WW2. He always asked if I wanted to do aerobatics and I always said Yes Sir, then he would throw the Chipmunk round like a Spit and as a reward he would let me fly the plane.

        Hi Doug, I was at Yarm Lane also, drill practice used be held at the School down the road ! I wonder what would happen if we were seen walking down the road carrying the old Lea-Enfield .303 rifles today?


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