Model of Stockton Station REBUILT

These are from a collection of photos taken during my ‘Rebuilding Stockton Station’ model project. They are meant to represent the Station in the 1950 – 1970 period. The model has taken about four years so far and planning to build the precinct and areas around the Station.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alan Davis.

13 thoughts on “Model of Stockton Station REBUILT

  1. As an old Stocktonian, and also a model railway fanatic, I commend your detailing skills. I have lots of memories and try to stage them in my railway as you do. Again congrats on your skills. Just to let you know I have my railway in Canada.


  2. What a wonderful model, with such great detail, it brings back so many memories, and is an excellent reminder of just how many little parts of this once great station vanished long before it was reduced to the sad sight it was when I last saw it in 2009.


  3. Absolutely exquisite, no other words to describe it, I remember occasional visits to Stockton station when it looked like that as a child, train spotting 🙂


  4. Fabulous! It is a disgrace that the Council pulled down that beautiful Victorian station in favour of a bus shelter… No imagination (as usual) to promote the town and its heritage… Stockton to Darlington railway – probably the best-known railway connection in the world, and now visitors can com to see a bus shelter. Shameful. The corrupt cliques started the rot with that dreadful faceless development, destroying the historic high street was the start of a progressive decline for Stockton-on-Tees. When it’s gone, it’s gone….


    • It was not ‘The Council’ who took the roof off this 1893 built Stockton Station. British Rail were the owners who in a cost cutting exercise reduced the size of the station. As an aside this station had nothing to do with the Stockton and Darlington Railway and was not even the first station on this site.


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