3 thoughts on “Wolviston Scouts and Guides

  1. Lots of “thinks” here too. I believe the ‘lad’ on the left of the back row is Alan Moore. I think his dad was PE teacher at Billingham Tech In the early 1960’s. 4th from the left of the second row is, I think, Joan Alderson. Third row from the back on the extreme right I think is Valerie Hanson, with Maureen Edgar behind her.


  2. Like Ian, I’m mainly familiar with the back row. The only name I can add there is Malcolm Shaw (third from right), a lifelong friend who sadly died in 2016.
    Second row from back, third from left, I think is Barbara Greenley. On the right hand side, I think the girl immediately below the striped board is Valerie Williams.
    I also think the lad far right on the front row is Colin Nesbitt, Keith’s younger brother.
    there’s a lot of “thinks” there but the photo was taken nearly 60 years ago!


  3. 3rd row from front :- Jane Barker ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, One of the Pinder Brothers. Geoff Rush.
    Back row “- ? Dennis Young, Keith Nesbitt, Dave Tatchell, ?, Graham Smith, ?, Keith Parnaby, Les Lake. Well that’s a few names anyway.


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