Royal Exchange Hotel

On 8th October 2021 Patricia Clarke asked if there were any photos of The Royal Exchange Hotel available, I knew I had one but it escaped my searches until now.

Patricia mentioned living there in the 1960s, this photo is a bit earlier than then, I have tried reading the wording on the canopy over the door to The Cinema as this often gives the earliest date if the name of the film can be read, I am not actually convinced that it a name of a film, I think the first three letters are “CON”, it is too early for a Confessions film so it probably reads something like “Continuous”, if anybody can make out the wording please send a comment.

I also noticed the Chain Library with a price of 2d over the window, I presume this is the cost of borrowing a book. I also remember the “Neville” shop mainly because of the Art Deco font used in the name.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

10 thoughts on “Royal Exchange Hotel

  1. I thought it said “Concessions” on the top line and Bus Trips 4S (4 shillings) underneath :). BUT another photo on here of the same building calling itself the Essoldo has the wording “Continuous 2 till 10”


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