8 thoughts on “Locomotion No.1 Replica

  1. I understand Locomotion No 1 was always short of steam. It had a rather crude boiler. Not one of the fire tube type, so when pulling a full load of trucks had to keep stopping every so often to get up steam again.
    It would be interesting to know if the replica has been built with a firetube boiler. I think some early single flue boiler locos were converted in this way. Along with the wheels, which wear out, loco boilers are the big bits need which freqently get renewed.
    I am also led to believe from what my grandmother told me that on the 1925 celebrations Locomotive No1 ran down the North Shore Branch in between Garbutt Street and Portrack Lane. Sadly this most important piece of railway history has now disappeared.


    • Hi Fred my mum who lived in Dugdale Street near the Malleable told us about the Locomotion No.1 run. She also mentioned about Sir Alan Cobham being in Stockton and taking people up for joy rides. I think it must have been in the mid 20’s.


  2. How much of a replica was this engine? Was it actually producing any power? I have heard that on the 1925 run of the real Locomotion, the locomotive was driven by a petrol engine


      • Cliff/Fred. As stated on the Photograph heading it is a photo of the REPLICA Locomotion No. 1. I took this photo at Heighington as the 1975 Cavalcade of Steam was passing I also took photos of all of the other engines in the cavalcade. The replica was at the head of the Cavalcade and is now as you rightly stated at the Beamish Museum.


    • A few quotes from the Beamish Transport blog suggest the 1975 replica was fully steam powered…

      “The Stockton & Darlington 150th anniversary in 1975 provided the catalyst for the construction of a replica of Locomotion No.1…the completed locomotive making its famous appearance in the 1975 cavalcade at Shildon.”
      “Locomotion was always based at Beamish (but was loaned to the Locomotion museum at Shildon for display since being withdrawn from operation at Beamish (in need of boiler repairs)).”

      2021- “…We have also confirmed the transfer of the replica Locomotion No.1 to the Head of Steam Museum in Darlington, precipitating a real opportunity for a comprehensive overhaul and a return to steam.”

      The real Locomotion No.1 having been returned from a long term loan to Head of Steam in Darlington, to Locomotion in Shildon, to be the centrepiece of new developments & plans to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the S&D Railway in 2025.


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