8 thoughts on “Port Clarence Railway House

    • There was another row of railway houses between the properties featured in these photographs. These have subsequently been demolished. The 1891 census lists the railway workers living in these properties as follows –

      Railway Cottages near Port Clarence Station

      1 Railway Cottages – Ralph Adamson. Locomotive Engine Driver NER. age 42. Born Shincliffe, Durham.

      2 Railway Cottages – James Elliot. Locomotive Engine Driver NER. 41. Ripon, Yorkshire

      3 Railway Cottages – Frederick G Otton. Railway Station Master. 48. Hoxton, London ( also William G Otton. Railway Booking Clerk. 16. West Hartlepool.)

      4 Railway cottages – John Dent. North Eastern Railway Porter. ( also Earnest Liddle. Locomotive Stoker. 30. Thornley, Durham ).

      5 Railway Cottages – Robert Scaife. Railway Porter. 45. Kirby hills, Yorkshire.

      6 Railway cottages – George Watson. Borer for Coals. Old Skelton, Yorkshire. ( also John Booth. Railway Passenger Guard. 59. Pontefract, Yorkshire and Thomas Kitching. Railway porter. 28. Beverley, Yorkshire )

      7 Railway Cottages – Edward Collins. Railway Signalman. 41. Hornsby, Yorkshire. ( also Thomas Atkinson. Wagon Inspector. 24. Sunderland ; Anthony Severs. Wagon Greaser. 22. Brunton-On-Swale, Durham )

      Railway Cottages at Port Clarence

      1 Railway Cottages – George Appleton. Railway Goods Agent. 32. Billingham.

      2 Railway cottages – Robert Appleton. Railway Mineral Shunter. 37. Billingham.

      3 Railway Cottages – John Blencoe, Railway Signalman. 65. Biscester, Oxfordshire

      4 Railway Cottages – Robert Holmes. Railway Platelayer. 45. Hlmsley, Yorkshire

      I’m not sure how these properties relate to the ones in the photographs. They are all located near the Station Hotel and Anderston’s Foundry. The station Hotel is still in existence and is around the corner of the houses in the lower photograph.


    • By 1865 the Port Clarence Branch Line was run by the North Eastern Railway Company. I believe these houses post-date 1865.


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