Hardwick Juniors Football Team 1965 – 66, Stockton Schools under 11 League Winners

The team was unbeaten all season, won the league including a play-off against Mandale Juniors who we beat in a replay. Graham Rutherford, Stephen Sharp, David Mellvin (Captain), ??, Bobby Bista, Russell Crawford, Graham Highfield, Geoff Stockburn, David Brown, Alan Jones, Jeff Green, Michael Beale (Goal Keeper) and George Hardwick, ex Middlesbrough, England and Great Britain footballer. I hope this photograph interests a few people!

Photograph and details courtesy of Alan Jones.

5 thoughts on “Hardwick Juniors Football Team 1965 – 66, Stockton Schools under 11 League Winners

  1. Actually they lost one match to their fellow “Hardwickians” namely Harrow Gate Juniors. The score was 1-0 . They lost a player in the match when he dislocated his thumb. Harrow Gate ended up 1 point behind Hardwick in the league that season.


  2. There was a Graham Rutherford, (sure we called him Spud), Jeff Green and Geoff Stockburn at Richard Hind when I was there 66-71 who all went on to play for the school if I remember rightly.


  3. Yes thanks for posting. I knew David Melville started Stockton Grammar School with him in September 1966 and was really good friends with him and other lads from Hardwick of that year. He was a really good footballer and was among the SGS football teams that were successful in the schools leagues right through to us leaving in 1971/72. Stephen Blackburn was another good Hardwick player who went onto SGS. Maybe he was also part of the team but not in picture. Sadly you lose touch. Hope they are doing well.


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