The Leek Family, 1944

This photograph was taken in 1944 to be sent to my Father who was serving in the RAF. We were living in Cornwall Crescent in Billingham at the time. Standing at the back is my eldest sister Margaret (Margo), front left is my brother David, next is my mother Emma then me (Freda), with my elder sister Pat on the right. My father Sid was in the RAF in the 1920s and re-enlisted at the start of the Second World War, he was in his mid 40s when demobbed in 1945. My Brother David was well known in Billingham, he ran “Leeks” DIY shop in Mill Lane for many years. Does anyone remember the shop? I live in Australia now and David lives in Stockton.

Photograph and details courtesy of Freda McCorkell (Leek).

10 thoughts on “The Leek Family, 1944

  1. I remember Leek’s shop well, he must have had a magic grotto out back, no matter what fitment, nut, screw or bolt you needed he could always find a suitable replacement. My family lived on Billingham Green so we often used the shop.
    I knew a Nat McCorkell who was in the Boys Brigade, the band used to parade around the Green every Sunday morning after chapel.
    I too now live in Australia (Perth) but still have family in Billingham.


    • Nat was the younger brother of Freda’s husband Charlie who I played football with & Nat used to come with him, Charlie was a gentleman also a good footballer.


    • Hi Julian

      I remember your Dad, David is my Uncle and I used to help him with his various businesses from the 1950s until the 1990s.

      If ever David was in the area of your dad’s workplace he would pop in for a chat.

      David often spoke of your Dad, they were great friends for many years.

      My mother is “Margo” standing at the back of the photo and of course “Freda” is my Aunt.

      David has a Facebook page, I don’t use Facebook so I can’t help with how to get in touch with him.



  2. How could we forget you and your Family Freda! Leek’s DIY was the go to shop for all hardware and wood, etc. The shop is still going strong and I still use it. Me and June still doing well. x


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