School Rules and Customs From Grangefield School in the 1950’s.

Following on from the recent post – ‘Ready for a new school’, Grangefield uniform, I have seen on this site the ‘boys’ rules but I think the girls rules are even more draconian. In Section One Rule H ‘No girl may ride a cycle in the school Grounds’ is bizarre but my favourite has to be Section 2 Line F ‘Girls may not eat in the street to and from school’.

Images and details courtesy of Anne Bellerby nee Watson.

10 thoughts on “School Rules and Customs From Grangefield School in the 1950’s.

  1. I enjoyed reading the Girls school rules. Surprised to see no rule about loitering from 1530 – 1550 to meet the boys!! Headmistress used to ride her bicycle up and down Oxbridge Avenue trying to catch rule breakers. Black bike with cane basket on front.
    I missed the boys rules. Can someone re-send them.


  2. Oh yes I can remember all those rules & regulations, I was in the first form when the new school opened. The new uniform hadn’t been agreed yet so my parents had to buy me the navy uniform which was the Secondary School uniform. After a few months the bottle green & blue uniform was decided on, this had to be purchased from a Leeds company called Graham Gardner if my memory is correct.


    • I remember that it was a man from Graham Gardner who measured the girls for their uniforms.The saying “Blue and green should never be seen” was often said to us.

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  3. As a pupil of GG Boys School from 1958 to 1964 I was not aware of any such rules in the Boys School or that pupils from the Girls School were dealt with in this way…draconian in deed.
    However, there is no mention of the dreaded “dress” code or that boys were not allowed to “fraternise” with members of the Girls School or was there a perception that because the Girls finished earlier there was no chance of this happening?


    • No problem from the Boys school side. It was the dreaded Headmistress [never married] who was besotted with ensuring girls did not meet with boys when the school day ended. My pal [sadly deceased] and I never had any difficulty meeting the girls, as we always were one step ahead of the Headmistress.
      Details to remain a secret!! – some of the girls might be reading this.


      • I also remember we were not allowed to lie full length on the school field I would assume this was because it might give the boys the wrong idea lol


        • That made me laugh. Yet, we always loved going passed the tennis courts area when the girls had their dresses tucked in their bottle green knickers. Some lovely legs!


      • I turned down playing cricket and preferred athletics as this allowed us to use the running track which went past the girls school playing fields with obvious attractions. Probably why I failed academically !


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